Lil’ Boo – Block Rust 5-Panel


NOW ORGANICThis 5-panel has the perfect earthy colours.˜Lil’ Boo Block Colour 5-panel cap made from 100% organic cotton.˜The cap has a large square brim to protect against the sun.˜˜It has a Sports Velcro closure and is easy adjust in size to ensure a perfect fit. The high-performance sports Velcro makes it both comfortable and durable for even the roughest little.˜˜The sweatband is super soft made from a milk protein called Q-Miltch.Q-Miltch is not only soft but also has a natural antibacterial effect and is more than double as sweat-absorbent as a normal sweatband ? keeping heads clean and dry

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Lil' Boo - Block Rust 5-Panel M 1.5-4y (49-52 cm)
Lil’ Boo – Block Rust 5-Panel
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